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i forgot how terrible waking up early is.


going back to school more likeimage


Pulled a layer of ice off a leaf

An important gifset of Steve looking really good in that blue jacket.


french weed joke:


#42 AnemoneLive Preview & Install  (Temporary) | Static Preview & Install


Tiziano Martini
Untitled, 2014
Acrylic and oil paint, acrylic enamel, rust, dirt and sediments on cotton, wooden frame, 192 x 152 cm.

"Live a good life for me."


Etruscan strainers at the MET.

All the shown examples date to the 6th-5th centuries BCE and are made of bronze. Strainers were were used at symposiums (drinking parties) to strain the wine or additives mixed into it.

The strainer shown in the first image is one of the most elaborate, and best-preserved, Etruscan strainer handles found to date. The MET provides the following description of this artefact:

The artist has skillfully presented a complex subject on a very small scale in the openwork square just below the handle’s attachment point. Two nude boxers appear to have just finished a bout in which one man has been knocked to his knees. Their trainer or referee holds his arms up to indicate the end of the round. On the underside of the attachment point is a delicately modeled doe lying on a wave-crest border. The handle’s base depicts a bearded male figure with fish-like legs that terminate in bearded snake heads. The strange legs form a perfect circular opening that allowed the patera to be hung when not in use. The sea monster, almost like a merman, may have been intended to ward off evil.

Courtesy of & currently located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, via their online collections12.160.834.11.814.105.365.



are there any laws pertaining to the moon


nesscoat SAYS:
(for the ask prompt) First in like 4th grade i was very skeptical of you and didnt believe you were a "True star wars fan" because idk i was a stupid forth grader now i think you are really smart and cool and shit

hah, you weren’t the only one to think that, i remember kids used to grill me with trivia questions. and ahh thank you man, i appreciate it.

Kitty Pryde + bright colours
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HOK: Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum + Pier Luigi Nervi (as consultant) “The Priory Chapel” St. Louis, Missouri (Photo by Raimist)

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colors are the best