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i’ll be on vacation for like three days yeahhh finally something to do.

// What/who do you associate with me?

I’m curious. What are the, say, top 5 things you associate with me?

Can be a tumblr user, a book, movie, character, actor etc.


Popping bottles in the ice, like a lizard. When we drink we do it right, with a lizard.

X-Men: First Class + Captain America parallels 


bucky sneaking up behind steve at random times during the winter when it’s absolutely frigid out and sticking his metal hand up into his shirt just to watch steve jolt upright and make the most ridiculous sound known to man





reminder that these trees are full grown. amazing.


you could be sad about your otp but consider:

  • one making awful breakfast for the other and the other eating it because they appreciate it that much
  • one putting their ridiculous music on in the car and singing along while the other sits in the passenger seat with their head in their hands
  • the two of them going down to the beach and one getting sunburned really badly so the other slathers them with aloe gel when they get home
  • one getting home from work later than the other and stretching out on top of them like a big lazy cat while they sit on the couch in front of the tv
  • one inexplicably bringing home an animal and refusing to drop it at the shelter so they and the other have to take care of it
  • the both of them going out to a park and getting ice cream to sit with and eat on a bench
  • one sending memes to the other while they’re at work so much they turn their phone off in exasperation
  • one giving the other their jacket and not getting it back from the other until it stops smelling like them



Shinjuku Gyoen - Tokyo, Japan

By : Amy Jane Gustafson

heateus meme: [1/2 minor characters] - Frederick Chilton

- Hannibal once served me tongue, and then made a joke about eating mine. It would be narrow to not at least consider it.


how do I live knowing this lamp exists and I don’t have it


Frankenstein enters into a body building competition and finds he has seriously misunderstood the objective


if a song was in shrek theres no way to un-associate it with shrek its forever going to be a shrek song


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“When you give another person the power to define you, then you also give them the power to control you.” 

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